Fields of activity

The main fields of activity of the Observatory of competitiveness (ODC, Observatoire de la compétitivité) are:

  • the monitoring of Luxembourg's competitiveness through the national competitiveness scoreboard which considers the specific characteristics of the country, and through Luxembourg’s positioning in a multitude of international benchmarks;
  • the coordination of relevant activities and the drafting of Luxembourg’s National Reform Program (PNR, Programme national de réforme) in the framework of the European Semester and the EU’s Europe 2020 Strategy;
  • the coordination of the activities at a national level and contribution to the work and analyses of various international organizations on the economic situation in Luxembourg (European Commission, OECD, etc.);
  • the development of studies on competitiveness and its determinants, either internally and/or in collaboration with STATEC Research ASBL, or with the support of national and international external experts;
  • the follow-up on studies concerning consumer price developments in Luxembourg within the framework of the missions assigned to the Observatory of price formation (OFP, Observatoire de la formation des prix);
  • the contribution to the work of the National Productivity Board, whose secretariat is also managed by agents assigned to the Observatory of competitiveness.

The results of these activities are published annually in the "Competitiveness Report" respectively in more specific publications such as the "Economic Policy Outlook" journals of the ODC, "Economics and Statistics" of STATEC or the semi-annual reports of the OFP.

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